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Information Danish Cup

General information


4 tournaments are played

U12/U13 - Boys 8 vs. 8.
U12/U13 - Girls 8 vs. 8.

U14/U15 - Boys 11 vs. 11.
U14/U15 - Girls 11 vs. 11.



Players on dispensation

Exceptions can be granted to up to 3 players per. team who must be one year older.
Players on dispensation must not be significantly better than the rest of the team and must have
association with the team.


Paid Referees

The Danish Cup uses educated and paid football referees from DBU to increase the quality of the matches.


All teams play 5 matches, 2 game days.

1st game day - two pool matches
2nd game day - a pool match, a semifinal, a 3rd place or a final.
It is played in two pools with every 4 teams.


A-finals and B-finals

Best two in each pool play A-finals.
Third and fourth best in each pool plays B-finals.
In the final game, there are semi-finals, 3rd - 4th place and final.


All machtes are played at

Gødvad Stadion
Arendalsvej 93
8600 Silkeborg


...and little bit more general information


Medals for all players

There are cups for winners and two's in pool A as well as winner of pool B
There are medals for all players
All players get Danish Cup t-shirt and sponsor pack.


Party and activities

There is a party for everyone in the friday evening.
There are competitions and activities all days.


Accommodation and meals

It is possible to buy drinks, sandwiches, sausages and other items on the courses from kl. 9:00 - 19:00.

Accommodation is included in a local school with breakfast and dinner for all players and team leaders.


One day before and one day after

It is possible to check in the day before the first day of the game.
It is possible to check out the day after the last day of the game.